Our Frozen Products

At Zee Best, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to wake up to the amazing aroma of freshly baked pastries. Nothing better than a hot croissant just out of the oven to accompany your morning cup of coffee.! Surprise your love one in the morning or indulge yourself with our frozen selection of pastries. Buy them frozen, bring them home and all you'll need to do is: follow the instructions, proof and bake… et voilà!!

Frozen Pastries Selection

Frozen Croissants


Frozen Pains aux Chocolat

Pains aux Chocolat

Frozen Pains aux Raisins

Pains aux Raisins

Frozen Palmiers


Frozen Danish


Frozen Cinnamon Danish

Cinnamon Danish

Frozen Apple Turnover


Apple Turnover

Frozen Blueberry Turnover


Blueberry Turnover

Frozen Twist Chocolat

Twist Chocolat

Frozen Twist Coconut

Twist Coconut

Frozen Mini Almond

Mini Almond

Frozen Mini Almond Chocolat

Mini Almond Chocolat

Frozen Mini Chocolat

Mini Chocolat

Frozen Mini Cinnamon

Mini Cinnamon

Frozen Mini Croissants

Mini Croissants

Frozen Mini Danish

Mini Danish

Frozen Mini Pains Raisins

Mini Pains Raisins

Frozen Mini Twist Chocolat

Mini Twist Chocolat

Frozen Mini Twist Coconut

Mini Twist Coconut