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Zee Best Bakery

For the professionals, our pastries are also available baked or frozen. Whether you are a hotel, restaurant, supermarket, bakery or coffee shop, we have the pastries for you! All of our products are handmade and follow a traditional French recipe. Every product is made fresh on the island, with quality ingredients and French savoir-faire.

If you are located in St-Maarten, we can provide you with a full selection of baked pastries in regular or mini size. If you wish to do the baking, our selection of frozen pastries will save you time and provide your customers with memorable breakfast experience.

If your business is located on another island, and you wish to have our pastries, we can ship you our products, providing frozen transport solutions are available. Contact us to check transport options.

From our production to yours, Zee Best pastries can be available to you and your clients.

Packaging Steps

Packaging Steps Packaging Steps
Packaging Steps Packaging Steps